22.06.2020 – ETER Ewa Bojanek

testing hallotron with speaker magnet

Interactive sensorium – body sounds mixed with field recordings captured by feet mounted coils,

gathering aether electromegnetic induction sound propagation.

Artistic Installation made as part of classes at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. EWA BOJANEK – principle artist, main concept, feet coils and throat sensor Robert Gogol aka Elektro Akustyk – technical assistance, constructing low inductance amplifiers and mixing sound propagation

„Designing object-sound interaction” – this was the topic of the faculty course I taught this semester for students majoring in Interactive Media and Performance in the Department of Theater and Media Arts at the Faculty of Anthropology and Cultural Studies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. As part of the class, I helped the students realize their various projects – each different, each very interesting!
Here is Ewa Bojanek’s project / installation „ETER”
Making Of on youtube: https://youtu.be/iYiOteDzJxs

Sincere thanks to the always hospitable space of Poznan Music Kolorking

sound trnsmission – from ampilifiers to wire coils