02.02.2023 – robotic CURATOR by P.Jasielski

For two years I helped Przemyslaw Jasielski construct a robotic art curator.

30.03.2023 – GOGOLINO – light sensitive modular synth

GOGOLINO 1 – 3d printed, hand crafted light dependent sqare-like audio oscillator. FM, AM in three audio frequency range

14.07.2021 – close encounters of 3rd kind – workshop

Workshop organized at the State High School of Fine Arts in Poznan. The classes were held as part of the 2nd edition of the &#

17.07.2020 – BIRD FEEDER SYNTHESIZER – with Rafał Zapała

DIY Cyber Contemporary Music Feeder for the birds Bird Feeder Symphonic Synthesizer Rafał Zapała > concept >> http://zapala.

22.06.2020 – ETER Ewa Bojanek

Interactive sensorium – body sounds mixed with field recordings captured by feet mounted coils, gathering aether electro

22.02.2020 – gogolino 2 – cntrlr

The goal was to construct pedal controller, wich will sense condition of „sustain” pedal and send its state to MAX

13.01.2020 – ender 3 firmware

My compilation of Endera3 firmware tuned SKR MINI E3 v1.2 under Marlin2.0bugfix to use ABL with BLTouch without digging around

04.11.2019 – scrolling to zero – amplification

Amplification of audience voices for the installation „Scrolling to zero” – a symmetrical cabling system for

27.09.2019 – Quadro System – Kołorking

Kwadro – Stationary installation of four active studio monitors in Poznan Music Kolorking. A cheerful idea of hanging lo

19.03.2019 – Y.O.U. robot by Marta Wyszyńska – electronics & software

Y.O.U. is a theatrical stage robot radio-controlled by the dancer. Designed and developed by Marta Wyszyńska as Author and pr

25.11.2016 – theatre play – live sound + ctrl

My sound in the first four minutes of Adam Ziajski’s play „Don’t Tell Anyone” Premiere 25.11.2016 The

25.07.2016 – circuit bend 2 – edu video

LINK TO PART 1 – https://goo.gl/Adnvt2 2st part of movie about transforming CASIO CTK 550 thru circuit bending into a pa

22.07.2016 – circuit bend 1 – edu video

LINK TO PART 2 – https://goo.gl/KjkxUZ 1st part of movie about transforming CASIO CTK 550 thru circuit bending into a pa

EMS VCS 3 inspired MIDI Controller

Carefully DIY crafted, used in many configurations, with many synthesizers – wonderful, indespensable concert machine. N