17.07.2020 – BIRD FEEDER SYNTHESIZER – with Rafał Zapała

DIY Cyber Contemporary Music Feeder for the birds
Bird Feeder Symphonic Synthesizer
Rafał Zapała > concept >> http://zapala.com.pl/
Robert Gogol > maker
The feeder of Rafał Zapała’s idea was made by Robert Gogol – Poznań 2020

Whole device is solar power driven – first, several types of accu has been tested with power/charge regulator
testing solar battery >> charger/regulator >> accumulator system uder dummy load
Teensy Audio Board – testing sample playing
charging current flow
testing audio power amplifier with speakers
printing enclosure for all electronics
design of sound resonator – audio trigger
resonator – sound trigger
resonator bottom – electret microphone with cable visible
testing whole system power consumption
testing first sounds
detail soldering
testing clusters of sounds