16.05.2024 – APPLE to Ableton

Apple MIDI Trigger

16.04.2024 – Arduino to MaxMsp

Easiest way ever.Sensor transfer from Arduino to Max. ARDUINO CODE: MAX CODE (file / new from clipboard):1. press „print

02.02.2023 – robotic CURATOR by P.Jasielski

For two years I helped Przemyslaw Jasielski construct a robotic art curator.

30.03.2023 – GOGOLINO – light sensitive modular synth

GOGOLINO 1 – 3d printed, hand crafted light dependent sqare-like audio oscillator. FM, AM in three audio frequency range

29.11.2022 – academic ARDUINO & MaxMSP classes

Microprocessor Arduino & MaxMSPcontrol of works of art – practical classes, with students of the 1st year Department


I presented a paper:Gerard Grisey’s spectralism under the current research of P.Albouy on the effects of spectral-tempor

14.07.2021 – close encounters of 3rd kind – workshop

Workshop organized at the State High School of Fine Arts in Poznan. The classes were held as part of the 2nd edition of the &#

17.07.2020 – BIRD FEEDER SYNTHESIZER – with Rafał Zapała

DIY Cyber Contemporary Music Feeder for the birds Bird Feeder Symphonic Synthesizer Rafał Zapała > concept >> http://zapala.

22.06.2020 – ETER Ewa Bojanek

Interactive sensorium – body sounds mixed with field recordings captured by feet mounted coils, gathering aether electro

4521 – ♃

COVID19 remote lectures

During the covid19 pandemic, I taught classes remotely. I converted a room into a TV studio and taught remotely at Adam Mickie

25.02.2020 – seminar UAM IA

MIDI hardware controllers. Construction, application and use in the teaching process. abstract:The rapid development of comput

22.02.2020 – gogolino 2 – cntrlr

The goal was to construct pedal controller, wich will sense condition of „sustain” pedal and send its state to MAX

21.02.2020 – mouser edu

Global distributor of electronic technology  Mouser Electronics, appreciated my passion for teaching electronics, invited me

16.02.2020 – oleszak | gogol – live

The second of this year’s Minus Orchestra concerts became an opportunity not only to return the musical collaboration be

16.02.2020 – introsepia # 1 – live

It is my pleasure to lead the meditations in this wonderful project: ! ! ! We are starting a new line of Sepia Ensemble concer

electronic friadys at kołorking muzyczny

Since APRIL 2020 as free acces ONLINE classesOn Fridays, I conduct free and open classes in the Poznan Music Kolorking. Everyo

13.01.2020 – ender 3 firmware

My compilation of Endera3 firmware tuned SKR MINI E3 v1.2 under Marlin2.0bugfix to use ABL with BLTouch without digging around

2.01.2020 – pssst # 1 – podcast series

Strona Audycji – Link to a webpage Pssst is a meeting between Wojtek and Robert. We look at music and spiritual matters

10.11.2019 – trzeszcze – interactive videoart

Robert Gogol, „Trzeszcze,” interactive installation, 2019 objects mapped, sound sensors, sound system.Video impres

2019.11.05 – future – video workshop

In three occupational therapy centers: Tarnowo Podgórne, Otusz, Konarzewo – I build film studios, where with the help o

05.10.2019 – kwadro twardo vol.1

I initiate a series of quadraphonic concerts of electroacoustic music in Kołorking Muzyczny in Poznań. Quadrophonic Electroa

04.11.2019 – scrolling to zero – amplification

Amplification of audience voices for the installation „Scrolling to zero” – a symmetrical cabling system for

27.09.2019 – Quadro System – Kołorking

Kwadro – Stationary installation of four active studio monitors in Poznan Music Kolorking. A cheerful idea of hanging lo

20.07.2019 – interview by p.tkacz

Nice conversation with Piotr Tkacz – where you are from, where you are going 🙂 https://kulturaupodstaw.pl/bezgraniczn

19.06.2019 – alina & robert – into equal tempered system

Alina and Robert begin the classical instrumentation of the graphic score of the experimental electroacoustic piece „Aco

19.03.2019 – Y.O.U. robot by Marta Wyszyńska – electronics & software

Y.O.U. is a theatrical stage robot radio-controlled by the dancer. Designed and developed by Marta Wyszyńska as Author and pr

22.03.2019 – nova reperta – sunset live

On Friday, March 22go, we invite you to our concert.Concert of the band Nova Reperta duo Robert Gogol aka Elektro Akustyk &

13.03.2019 – nova reperta – self interview

Nova Reperta duo talk to themselves part 2Hubert asks Robert about some of the things he wrote in his last two columns for Mea

27.02.2019 – bpm – feuilleton

A column for Meakutlura. The following text speaks with an open heart about things that are not usually written about:http://m

27.02.2019 – diabeł decybelem – feuilleton

A column for Meaculture dedicated to Noisehttp://meakultura.pl/recenzje/diabel-decybelem-2145

17.02.2019 – student concert – live

A concert by students of Composition and Electroacoustic Composition at the Academy of MusicI. I. J. Paderewski in Poznanas pa

11.12.2018 – binary lament – live

voice | voice NATALIA MIERZWA graphic music | graphic music ROBERT GOGOL Performed at the commodity concert of the NEOFONIA 20

05.12.2018 – reactive intermedia mass 0001 – live

Reactive Intermedia Mass 0001 | Electroacoustic poem „earth element” Multimedia interactive installation, sensitiv

28.11.2018 – xenakis 2 – live

https://ckzamek.pl/wydarzenia/3763-lekcja-suchaniakoncert-iannis-xenakis-inspiracje-w/ Wystąpią:  Piotr Sołkowicz, Piotr S

11.10.2018 – nova reperta – live

video by R.Gogol https://youtu.be/GPcws_ZAXsY Robert Gogol + Hubert Wińczyk = Nova Reperta„Ockham’s Distraction&#

31.08.2018 – oskubany kaczan – feuilleton

Column for Meakultura http://meakultura.pl/aktualnosci/oskubany-kaczan-o-duchowosci-w-muzyce-elektronicznej-2032

27.07.2018 – dźwiękodziałka – live

The SoundOrchard in Wschowa – an intimate, private but open to all tiny festival in the orchard behind the barn, hosted

16.07.2018 – Fiastyuk | Plejady | Plejades | Subaru

Electroacoustic piece. Barbara Wilińska was improvising to graphical score, then her voice was electronically composed by Rob

10.05.2018 – blue rose – workshop

Blue Rose I design, produce and guide electronic workshop for the project BLUE ROSE „Blue Rose” is inspired by a t

02.03.2018 – sms#2 live

With Wojtek Krzyzanowski we are inventing and organizing the 2nd edition of the SMS festival – this time already on thre

2018.02.17 – I’ll build a synth – workshop

I design, manufacture and run a workshop:I’LL BUILD A SYNTHESIZERWe will build the simplest analog modular synthesizer &

11.02.2018 – divertimento – live

Janek Skorupa arranges a nice evening of improvisation at Kolorking Muzyzny – I have the undying pleasure of playing wit

09.02.2018 – ral7024 – session 69

https://www.ral7024.robertgogol.pl/index.html RAL7024 Team’s 69th Improvisation SessionRobert Broniarz – perkusjaR

02.02.2018 – Music Coworking – start!

Music Kolorking in Poznan is launched!The first lineup of hosts, among us the founder of Kolorking, Rafal Zapala from AnArche

19.01.2018 – sms#1 – live

19.01.2018 SMS#1 With Wojtek Krzyzanowski we invent and arrange the first SMSPoznan Academy of Music| composer as organizer of

14.12.2017 – Koko Chicken – live

Chicken Koko – First prize in the 2017 composition competition for Sepia Ensemble.PRAPREMIERE – 71st MUSICA MODERN

13.12.2017 – xenakis 1 – live

Moja Muzyka edycja #58Iannis Xenakis – Inspiration in sound and in space Short elecronic improvisation on Kurzweil Artis SE

12.12.2017 – v.a.s.t. – live

„The Sky, clouds and sun for VAST synthesis engine” electronic improvisation performed 12.12.2017 by me during NEO

27.10.2017 – sonus ex machina festival – live

Live Rythm Preparation – festival Sonus Ex Machina 2017

20.10.2017 – sarna – radioplay

I soundtracked Maria’s radio play „Sarna” about Simona Kossak, a great adventure!!! Festival of radio plays

30.09.2017 – Krzysztof z nogą w górze

12.09.2017 – eev blog scope winning

My WINNING submission in EEVBLOG Rode & Schwarz Scope giveway – I WON I WON!!! WYGRAŁEM OSCYLOSKOP!!!!poniżej film

9.08.2017 – nova reperta – self interview 1

The Nova Reperta duo is talking to itself.

6.04.2017 – „callipers in the ear” – animation

Animation based on Trapcode Mir plugin controlled by the sound of the song CALLIPERS IN THE EAR

31.03.2017 – „callipers in the ear” – live

„I would like to encourage you to part with your wits.For one minute and twenty-seven seconds.”

12.02.2017 – making of „rondo” – edu video

Document of rehearsals and registration of 2 works by 2 authors:„Rondo” by Robert Gogol „Chamber Music”

10.02.2017 – „rondo” – live

RONDOtime-coordinated, harmonically precomposedspace of repetitive improvisation for the ensembleinstrumental ensemble consist

29.12.2016 – midi rediscovering – edu video

MIDI in the service of electroacoustics. In this episode we’ll discuss hardware abstract. In next episode composing and

30.11.2016 – „unn” – live

Inspired by golden leaf and blue sky. Whole story is about a SPACE. Composition nr 4 – https://goo.gl/VgqFtG composed an

25.11.2016 – theatre play – live sound + ctrl

My sound in the first four minutes of Adam Ziajski’s play „Don’t Tell Anyone” Premiere 25.11.2016 The

17.11.2016 – ElectroNIKT Orchestra – live

Guest in the EcectroNIKT Orchestra – thank you for a wonderful concert!

12.11.2016 – arduino sequencer – workshop

I design, manufacture and guide workshop:ARDUINO SEQUENCERWorkshop participants will build and program digital sequencers cont

30.09.2016 – kurosmos

history of the soviet orbital emission of chickens program from 1955 to 1972

25.07.2016 – circuit bend 2 – edu video

LINK TO PART 1 – https://goo.gl/Adnvt2 2st part of movie about transforming CASIO CTK 550 thru circuit bending into a pa

17.05.2016 – kurzweil harmonics – edu video

29:29 – MIDI standard 127CC treshold quantization Let’s play with Kurzwail. There is always something to learn and

29.09.2016 – technikum muzyczne – workshop

I design, produce and lead the electronic part (building synthesizers) of this wonderful project:The project „Music Tech

27.02.2016 – LeCroy9400 – edu video

25000 of FFT points in DSO for 100$? Yes, here it is: LeCroy 9400 with FFT option!! This is my first DSO and it is marvelous.

22.07.2016 – circuit bend 1 – edu video

LINK TO PART 2 – https://goo.gl/KjkxUZ 1st part of movie about transforming CASIO CTK 550 thru circuit bending into a pa

02.02.2016 – my first osc ed.2 – workshop

I am producing and leading the second edition of this interesting workshop:CA Sound Studio invites you to a workshop on buildi

12.12.2015 – FRIV FESTIVAL – impro with Kristina Ruf, Barbara Wilińska, Agnes Hvizdalek

FRIV Festival Poznań – Vienna 2015 The sixth edition of the FRIV Festival aims to present the phenomenon of Vienna̵

3.12.2015 – gogol & nørstebø – live

2 x SOLO.A very enjoyable improvisation concert at the Amarant Poznań Center. First me, then Henrik Munkeby : http://falatrze

21.11.2015 – my first osc – workshop

I design, manufacture and conduct an interesting workshop for beginners:CA Sound Studio invites you to a workshop on building

09.10.2015 – dominika und robert 2

||_A second session by Dominika and Robert recordet at Amarant Cultural Centre in Poznań, Poland 9.10.2015_|| grają (playing

21.07.2015 – dominika und robert 1

A freely improvised session of electronic music on reconstructed instruments with Dominika Szela at Amarant Poznań

20.03.2015 – analogue electronics – workshop

I design, manufacture and guide workshop:Analog Electronics for Beginners The workshop is designed for beginners, interested i

13.03.2015 – arduino = avr ed.2 – workshop

I produced and guided the second edition of this excellent workshop:8 bit AVR microprocessors via arduino for custom circuits.

30.01.2015 – solder analog synth – workshop

I design, manufacture and run a workshop:SOLDER AN ANALOG – FROM SCRATCHworkshop subtitle:Through the basics of electron

15.01.2015 – arduino = avr – workshop

ARDUINO = AVRworkshop subtitle:8 bit AVR microprocessors via arduino for custom circuits. A practical introduction.WORKSHOP DE

13.12.2014 – arduino midi – workshop

I’m designing, producing, and guide my first large-scale workshop – a two-day workshop. We are building MIDI seque

22.11.2014 – arduino – workshop

At the open days of the Makerspace Plant I design, manufacture and conduct workshops with Arduino – we build an LED cube

21.11.2014 – makerspace 2 – fair

On behalf of Zakład Makerspace, I participated in the Makerspace II fair in Poznan – I exhibited with my MIDI controlle

EMS VCS 3 inspired MIDI Controller

Carefully DIY crafted, used in many configurations, with many synthesizers – wonderful, indespensable concert machine. N

26.03.2013 – akcjomat – first live solo

A very interesting evening, which I had the pleasure of co-creating.https://galeriaraczej.wordpress.com/eventswydarzenia/archi