4521 – ♃

Vasco da Gama and his navial chicken, which often pointed north with its beak
3.9.1920 – the meteorite Grzempach fell in the Greater Poland village of Grzępy
11.9.1971 – There was a break-in at a branch of Lloyds Bank in London. Undetermined perpetrators drilled a fifteen-meter tunnel into the vault….
5.5.1726 – Frenchwoman Marie Camargo took a jump during a performance after shortening her dress as a first-abalettee
12.10.1929 – the Warsaw Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air was adopted
9.9.1931 – Austrian Friedrich Schwiedl officially inaugurated his rocket mail service
20.02.1944 – members of the Norwegian resistance sunk the ferry SF Hydro on Lake Tinnisja with a cargo of 16 tons of heavy water, necessary for the production of the German atomic bomb
22.9.1964 – the water intake „Fat Cathy” was launched on the Vistula River in Warsaw
1.9.2011 – The National Center for Nuclear Research in Otwock-Swierk was established
7.10.2016 – Silence
„Janina’s unruly mustache – or the lamentable consequences of using male accessories and the inevitable likening of married couples”
1 – for Janka grew a moustache
2 – One day she separated from him during a brief but violent fight
3 – unfortunately not for long
4 – „well,” she thought one day, put on her husband’s military jacket and went to work driving a tank for him
chicken fast range
„Malvina doesn’t have to anymore”
1 – One day at work, Malwina felt like she was pooping inside herself
2 – and since she knew four languages because of her excellent education, she became a waitress in one of those lazy, tropical countries
3 – and as for those closest to you: > venerable father > capable child > wonderful husband > dear mommy
4 – oj! these ones will definitely not make poop inside her anymore
21.02.2005 – painter Zdzislaw Beksinski was murdered in his apartment in Warsaw