19.03.2019 – Y.O.U. robot by Marta Wyszyńska – electronics & software

Y.O.U. is a theatrical stage robot radio-controlled by the dancer.
Designed and developed by Marta Wyszyńska as Author and primary Artist, and Robert Gogol as Electronics and Software consultant / constructor.

Y.O.U.Robot during Performance

Project divided in two devices:
1. SENSORY GLOW – sensorium controlling Y.O.U. robot by radio waves
2. Y.O.U. Robot – 3d printed, LED lightened and propelled by 28 electrical servomotors moving structure.

1.Developing SENSORY GLOW

Resistive strips sensing 4 fingers and wrist – signals quantized and transformed into commands for Y.O.U.Robot are sent thru radio waves with help nRF24L01 radio modules
Carefully handcrafted tested and programmed GLOW BOARD – sensing transforming and emiting data controlling Y.O.U.Robot
SENSORY GLOW – testing the quantification of sensor deflections

2.Developing Y.O.U.Robot 28 motor drivers, radio receiver, main board and software

Main board within housing mounted at the top of the Robot structure
Hand crafted Main Board – comparsing Arduino Mega, radio transmission, 28 H-Bridges
Main Board developmement
Testing radio transmission
Testing PWM drivers