19.06.2019 – alina & robert – into equal tempered system

Alina and Robert begin the classical instrumentation of the graphic score of the experimental electroacoustic piece „Acoustic Triptych”, with which Robert completed his 3-year study of Electroacoustic Composition in the class of Ms. Professor Lidia Zielinska at AMUZ Poznan. Although the piece is a self-playing interactive score realized in the MaxMsp program, it will serve to teach (and remind and practically apply the knowledge that Robert first rubbed up against at the Academy) practical instrumentation, harmony, principles of music in a word – classical musical composition. (cheerful melody in the background – credits: Free Music for Vlogs Ikson – First Snow) Alina Kubik – composer and violinist, assistant professor at the Academy of Music in Poznan, after many years of academic work and teaching at the Academy OPENS the space of her educational activities in the field of composition, improvisation and the study of the principles of music by entering the media domain of the Internet. http://www.alinakubik.com/ Robert Gogol – this year’s (2019) and the first-ever graduate of the newly established Electroacoustic Composition major at the Academy of Music in Poznan, after many years of musical, engineering and experimental activity in the field of atonal electroacoustic music, OPENS the space of musical creation, entering the field of tonal music recorded with classical notation (well, probably this classical will be expanded with this and that) http://www.robertgogol.pl/