13.12.2017 – xenakis 1 – live

Moja Muzyka edycja #58
Iannis Xenakis – Inspiration in sound and in space

Short elecronic improvisation on Kurzweil Artis SE utilising capability of editing it’s internal V.A.S.T engine – performed 13.12.2017 by me during Moja Muzyka #58 Concert in Poznań Poland.
KURZWEIL VAST Synthesis Engine within Kurzweil Artis SE stage piano – used in experimental electroacoustic improvisation – this time two simple programs using Artis SE’s internal arpeggiator – it can be deployed only via SoundTower – computer based VAST engine editor – it can be used with all PC3 series instruments – which includes also ARTIS series. Yes, ARTIS is based on full power PC3 VAST engine – you can acces it only via external editor, which is free and oficially supported by Kurzweil. discovering K2000 RS – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mvLJ… Everything I’ve learned is from link below – dont worry if it is k2000 2500 2600 PC3K6 etc – every Kurzweil based on VAST works on the same principals – http://k2000.creativebits.net/k2000-b…

„The listener needs to be grabbed and, regardless of
whether he likes it or not, be drawn
into the corridor through which the sounds fly,” this is how Iannis Xenakis – composer, engineer, architect, performer, visionary of new art – spoke about his musical work,
Messiaen’s pupil, collaborator with
Le Corbusier, explorer and daring experimenter.

My Music #58, performed by instrumentalists, dancers, designers and architects, invites you to an encounter with music, word, movement and image inspired by the work of this versatile artist.

Can the relationship between architecture and music be read deeper than just the acoustic dimension? Can similarities be found in the composition of a musical and architectural work?
In the 20th century, Xenakis’ work and his experiments with form, texture, light and color broke all established stereotypes and boundaries of understanding art. The new definitions he developed for music and space remain fresh and bold to this day, inspiring contemporary artists
to seek their own paths and individual expression in their work.