19.01.2018 – sms#1 – live

19.01.2018 SMS#1

With Wojtek Krzyzanowski we invent and arrange the first SMS
Poznan Academy of Music
| composer as organizer of a certain experience |.


The SMS#1 event opens the entire series, to which we plan to invite a variety of guests interested and present in the independent electronic music scene, who will help us competently present a certain countercultural style that has so far deftly escaped the diverse palette of aesthetics known from the philharmonic and academic scenes.

on the program:
// aleksandra słyż – drone/dark ambient

// jan migdal – vapor disco

// robert gogol – experimental/post-techno/deconstruction

// wojtek krzyzanowski – raster noton/ae/afx dj set

// turnaway – ambient/house

// kuba matuszczak – VJ https://giphy.com/kubamatuszczak
// ANIMATION – kidmograph http://kidmograph.tumblr.com/