02.03.2018 – sms#2 live

With Wojtek Krzyzanowski we are inventing and organizing the 2nd edition of the SMS festival – this time already on three stages, a lot of great musicians and even more people willing to listen.
Thank you!
Video recording and editing by Robert Gogol

SMS#2 That is, the second installment of SMS.

SMS means Studio of ekSperimental Music or Specific Music Situation or else. A musical intrigue centered on the exchange of life-giving fluids between the Poznan Academy of Music and the Rest of the World – with an emphasis on electronics in the broadest sense.
March 2, 2018 Performed on three stages:

BLUE HALL of the Academy of Music in Poznan:
– Rafał Zapała – https://youtu.be/cKAcsQWfd1g
– Grupa Etyka Kurpina – https://youtu.be/LJiXuHkl0kQ
– Gburek/Krupa/Aleksandrowicz
– Hubert Wińczyk – https://youtu.be/nY5dDpL9u_Q
VIDEO – Kuba Matuszczak – https://giphy.com/kubamatuszczak
video and audio RECORDING and MONTAGE – Robert Gogol

STAGE 1 Kolorking Music Poznań:
– Jan Skorupa – https://youtu.be/pDXo8ve0AEY
– AEDM – Dolby
– Resmover
– Liquidacje https://www.facebook.com/liquidacje/

STAGE 2 Kolorking Music Poznań:
– Karol Firmanty
– Robert Gogol
– MEF & Wojciech Krzyżanowski
– Liquidacje https://www.facebook.com/liquidacje/

The playlist on YTB unfortunately does not include all the performers. There are all those performing at the Blue Room. Later, at the Music Kolorking, there were various situations with the recording – there were two stages and one cameraman – some of the filmed things Youtube rejected due to copyright (DJ sets often fall under this, unfortunately), other footage turned out to be fragmentary – and it was someone who got in and stood in the frame, and the batteries ran out, etc. In a word: from Kolorking we are publishing only the opening performance of Jan Skorupa’s afterparty. Hope to hear and see you at SMS#3!