28.11.2018 – xenakis 2 – live


Piotr Sołkowicz, Piotr Szulc
 – perkusja, 
Katarzyna Klebba – skrzypce
Robert Gogol
 – live electronics,  
Agata Ambrozińska, Maria Banaszak
 – taniec, 
Marta Buczkowska
 – słowo/obraz 
PoPolytope – installation/instrument from the borderland of architecture, performance and music; it is a remix / author’s impression of Joanna Wabik on Polytopes – audiovisual works/objects by Iannis Xenakis ; played by: Joanna Wabik, Fryderyk Szulgit and Paweł Stachowiak.

Concept of the whole – Teresa Nowak

„The listener must be grasped and, whether he likes it or not, drawn into the corridor through which the sounds fly” – this is how Iannis Xenakis, composer, engineer, architect, performer, visionary of new art, disciple of Olivier Messiaen, collaborator of Le Corbusier, explorer and daring experimenter, spoke about his musical work.

Can the relationship between architecture and music be read deeper than just the acoustic dimension? Can parallels be found in the composition of a musical and architectural work?

In the 20th century, Xenakis’ work and his experiments with form, texture, light and color broke all established stereotypes and boundaries of understanding art. The new definitions he developed for music and space still remain fresh and bold today. Contemporary artists – musicians, dancers, designers, architects – invite you to a collision of music, words, movement and image inspired by the work of this versatile artist