05.12.2018 – reactive intermedia mass 0001 – live

Reactive Intermedia Mass 0001 | Electroacoustic poem „earth element” Multimedia interactive installation, sensitive to composer/performer conscious and unconscious gestures. Art & Science approach to generating artistic experience.

Electroacoustic poem.

Played Live 05.12.2018 at concert: 25 anniversary of creating PCSS Poznań.

Build, programmed and played by me – Robert Gogol
Assembled of fieldrecordings + live video mixing all blended in MaxMSP, triggered by diy MIDI5 controller.
Sounds in order of apperance, recorded by me, unless stated:
– 110kV energetic grid pole drone, Poznań
– VLF emissions – from internet
– Wind in ski helmet, Tryvann
– Lava cracks – from internet
– 110kV energetic grid pole drone, Poznań
– Tree full of birds, Słajszewo
– Toy music box, Poznań
– 110kV energetic grid pole drone, Poznań
– Plastic bottle + leaf on violin string processed in VariPhrase V-Synth – modified excerpt of Z3 piece soundscape
– Lesson of German Language on vinyl processed in Yamaha A5000
VIDEOS: random youtube videos