25.02.2020 – seminar UAM IA

MIDI hardware controllers. Construction, application and use in the teaching process.
The rapid development of computers has made it difficult to imagine working in the sciences today without even basic programming skills. While programming has become popular in the education of students of various universities and specialities, the construction and use of physical equipment (hardware) is still a mystery and an obstacle for many.

Meanwhile, small mobile embeed platforms – such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi – allow for easy and quick learning of the process of building controllers. Practical participation in the whole process can be extremely developing for the student and the final results often inspire further research. In this speech we will show MIDI protocol controllers of own design.

MIDI is a standard commonly used for over 30 years for communication between musical devices. The self-constructed controllers stimulate musical curiosity and enable further research that would be impossible with only a mouse and computer.