16.02.2020 – oleszak | gogol – live

The second of this year’s Minus Orchestra concerts became an opportunity not only to return the musical collaboration between Witold Oleszak and Robert Gogol, but also to deepen inter-orchestral cooperation and invite distinguished guests.

Conductor of Krakow Improvisers Orchestra Paulina Owczarek will combine his saxophones with the strings of Penelope Gkiki (violin) and Adam Goodwin (double bass).

Five musicians, two lineups, one stage = lots of good improvisation!

Witold Oleszak – started learning music at the age of 5. After years of formal education (classical piano), he dropped out of school, performing as a member of para-theater and avant-rock groups. These experiences, most influenced his artistic development. Since 1989, he studied architecture (he is a certified architect), while continuing to study the instrument on his own. At that time, he created pieces-illustrations for alternative theater and concepts for graphic scores. Currently, he is completely devoted to free improvisation. He usually plays piano, prepared piano, instruments of his own construction and devastated and damaged instruments. Both in music and in life, he is fascinated by everything that is ambiguous and undefined. Maciej Lewenstein, in his book Polish Jazz Recordings and Beyond, wrote: „He is an absolute revelation: his playing is a kind of blend of the styles of John Cage and Cecil Taylor, elevated beyond entirely new horizons.”