10.05.2018 – blue rose – workshop

Blue Rose

I design, produce and guide electronic workshop for the project BLUE ROSE

„Blue Rose” is inspired by a theme from the all-time TV series Twin Peaks, and refers to a NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration action codenamed SETI, which involves searching for radio signals that are the product of other intelligent civilizations.
The project consists of three parts:
–> 3:00 pm: sound performance by Piotr Mełech at the Andrew Owczarek Planetarium in Potarzyca; the artist will improvise with signals transmitted live from six different radio telescopes under the planetary sky
–> 4:00 pm: workshop on creating simple synthesizers led by Robert Gogol at Kolorking Musical
(limited number of places! sign up at festiwalnsk@gmail.com)
Workshop participants asked to come with a smartphone/laptop and their own internet to stream signals for processing!
–> 7:00 p.m.: sound performance by Piotr Mełech vol. 2 at Kolorking Muzyczny, this time with workshop participants who will use self-built synthesizers to process the sounds of the earth’s atmosphere

The workshop is designed for those interested in space listening and electronics in the fields of music, acoustics and sound processing.
To participate in the workshop, no experience or knowledge in any of the above fields is required – everything is explained and presented from scratch. Thus, respectively:

  • in the field of radio astronomy, participants will learn about the basic types of electromagnetic emissions and how to detect them with a special emphasis on VLF emissions. It is this type of waves that will be received via Internet streaming, and mixed with sounds generated by acoustic oscillators built by the workshop participants.
  • In the field of electronics, the students will be introduced to its rich world from scratch, to begin with it will be explained what current is, what quantities we describe it with, what they mean and in what relationships they remain. Then the basic components, tools and measuring instruments used in electronics will be demonstrated with explanations of the principles of operation.
    This will be followed by a series of practical tasks with explanations, including:
  • making and understanding the principle of operation of an elementary electrical circuit: battery – switch – resistor – LED diode
  • how basic electronic components work – learning about the operation of a resistor, capacitor, switch, diode, potentiometer
  • making a potentiometric audio signal strength regulator
  • what is and how the CD40106BE integrated circuit works
  • construction of a rectangular wave generator in the acoustic frequency range controlled by light
    The culmination of the workshop is a concert played by a clarinetist and participants playing on hand-built generators. The sounds of the generated acoustic waves are mixed with internet broadcasts on the VLF band.