2018.02.17 – I’ll build a synth – workshop

I design, manufacture and run a workshop:
We will build the simplest analog modular synthesizer – two or more oscillators with the ability to modulate each other!
First we learn the basics of electronics, then we’ll build analog oscillators based on Schmidt inverters – and we’ll do real voltage control for them – that is, there will be the possibility of mutual modulation of oscillators. We will also do light control – that is, phototeremin. The workshop is held in the form of a multimedia lecture richly illustrated with video and sound. We watch the waveforms generated on a professional oscilloscope, which was awarded to R.G. by Rohde&Shwartz as part of the 2017 David Jones EEV BLOG international competition of electronics enthusiasts and educators. We listen to the sound effects of our work through studio monitors.
At the end of the workshop, participants will be invited to play an electroacoustic improvisation session on their own built instruments at 7pm.