13.03.2015 – arduino = avr ed.2 – workshop

I produced and guided the second edition of this excellent workshop:
8 bit AVR microprocessors via arduino for custom circuits. A practical introduction.
This workshop is designed for beginners in electronics, interested in starting the adventure with ARDUINO and entering the world of microprocessors, to which Arduino is an encouraging and effective introduction. ARDUINO is brilliant in its simplicity, a software and hardware system that allows you to painlessly begin the fascinating adventure into the world of programmable microcontrollers, or single-chip microcomputers. However, what will you do in the situation of successfully designing, programming and making your own device based on Arduino? Do you have to buy another Arduino for your next project? The answer is NO. Arduino is nothing more than a simplified hardware/software environment for the use of Atmel’s eight-bit Atmega AVR family processors.The workshop introduces the participant to the fascinating world of digital electronics, so that after learning a few basic electronic circuits and a simple, free program for editing and compiling the program, along with a USBASP programmer, he or she will be able to build the next devices, the heart of which will be an AVR processor for just a few zlotys.