12.12.2015 – FRIV FESTIVAL – impro with Kristina Ruf, Barbara Wilińska, Agnes Hvizdalek

FRIV Festival Poznań – Vienna 2015

The sixth edition of the FRIV Festival aims to present the phenomenon of Vienna’s music and art scene, and allow the Poznan improvised music community to meet outstanding representatives of Austrian art music. The festival presents concerts of musical ensembles whose members are chosen by lot – the musicians play with each other for the first time in front of an audience.

The music performed at FRIV is distinguished by its authenticity and spontaneity, happening „here and now” – it is close to the colloquiality of life and those frequent moments from everyday life that are full of shortcomings, imperfections and unpredictability. The framework of an improvised music concert gives the audience a perspective of viewing such labile situations.
The FRIV Festival Poznań-Vienna 2015 will feature Viennese and Poznań-based musicians moving in the field of improvised music, electroacoustic compositions, experimental music and works related to sound art.

Musicians representing Vienna are: Christina Ruf (cello), Agnes Hvizdalek (voice), Matija Schellander (double bass), Ahoo Maher (cello), Klaus Filip (sine wave generator), Noid (Arnold Haberl) (cello), Daniel Lercher (electronics), Sara Zlanabitnig (flute, electronics).

Musicians from Poznań are: Paweł Doskocz (electric guitar), Robert Gogol (electronics), Maciej Janasik (electronics), Borys Słowikowski (hoop drums, couplings), Barbara Wilińska (voice), Joanna Wabik (piano), Patryk Lichota (saxophone), Tomasz Misiak (radios).