13.12.2014 – arduino midi – workshop

I’m designing, producing, and guide my first large-scale workshop – a two-day workshop. We are building MIDI sequencers based on Arduino. I produce circuit boards of my design at home >>.
excerpt from the workshop program:

  • Development of microprocessors – from Eniac to ARDUINO
  • difference between digital and analog signals
  • binary, decimal and hexadecimal number systems
    principles, conversion, application in ARDUINO
  • what it is and how to learn to program ARDUINO PRACTICE in 15 minutes:
  • installation and operation of ARDUINO IDE
  • practical learning to program in C++ part 1
  • A potentiometer, three wires + two lines of code =.
    that is, we learn to use the converter
    analog-to-digital converter of the Arduino platform and send
    data to the computer via the serial port

photos by Zakład