22.11.2014 – arduino – workshop

At the open days of the Makerspace Plant I design, manufacture and conduct workshops with Arduino – we build an LED cube, a propeller strobe display and other interesting things >>>>>

Make your own ARDUINO for 15zł! 17:00
During the workshop you will learn that Arduino is not that complicated at all and instead of spending a lot of money you can start cheaply. In the first stage, everyone will build their own Arduino using basic components, a universal board and a soldering iron.

Having the base ready in the second stage we will implement the project chosen from two :
. led cube, which is a three-dimensional display. From the leds, we solder a cube, which we can then program freely
. propeller clock, an extremely impressive display that works by rotating one line of leds. Using synchronization with rotation, we can display any content.

Robert Gogol – space enthusiast, currently an electronics engineer. Founder of the „Deus Ex Machina” Musical Instruments and Systems Manufactory. In his free time between designing and producing digital sonic artifacts and showing the world to his 5-year-old daughter, for pleasure he creates music by combining elements of sampling and synthesis and electronically processing the sounds of his own built instruments – since 2009, among others as a musician of the band RAL7024.

photo by Zakład