30.09.2016 – kurosmos

history of the soviet orbital emission of chickens program from 1955 to 1972

The first phase of the Russian space program was the emission of chickens into orbit around the Earth. Pictured is a selection of volunteers.
The first phase of training selected boiler breed hens – determining the psychological profile. Pictured is a scientist of the F.I.Limanova institute at work.
research institute for space vacuum life support systems. Pictured is the testing of the twenty-third version of the prototype suit based on a hollowed-out zucchini. A solution abandoned in favor of others as the project progressed.
кислород – oxygen
biometric testing – foot sweating test
-> dog
biometric testing – breathing performance test
In the end, only three chickens made it through the sieve of testing. here they are:
chickens who were unsuccessful in the space program were able to take care of themselves and found a great place in the world outside the spaceport. Pictured is a chicken that failed a performance test in a 12-meter run over fences. She didn’t give up and successfully took a position as a conductor at the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra.
And here’s another amazing chicken career. After a thorough investigation, it turned out that prominent cyberneticist Afiliev Khvastoyedov is also a chicken.
navigation training – 2 members of the crew of the spacecraft chickens in the gyro-accelerometric system
calculations of interactions in systems of multiple masses in motion. Academician Patkin Muchomorov determines the optimal orbital trajectory of two vehicles that are going to meet
finally! launch day has arrived!
in the stands chickens press correspondents from around the world
Suddenly the rocket was attacked by a pair of peasants who saw a place for the chicken only in the broth!
unfortunately it was too late to stop the launch!!! from a pair of peasants remained only a steam (steam – „pair” in polish)