27.09.2019 – Quadro System – Kołorking

Signal and Power Distribution drivers
3d printed orange accents

Kwadro – Stationary installation of four active studio monitors in Poznan Music Kolorking. A cheerful idea of hanging loudspeakers in Ikea bags by Rafał Zapała, structure and arrangement of the installation together with auxiliary elements I invented, designed and produced – Elektro Akustyk 🙂

The system was publicly inaugurated for free use in events and concerts organized in Kołorking. The crew was trained in its safe (for speakers and ears) use.

4 inputs 4 4 active APS Klasik monitors
power distributor with keylock and indicators
soldered signal cables
system testing
system testing
reviting system’s SIGNAL DISTRIBUTION BOX – 3d designed & printed socket holders and visual communication elements
assembly and testing
it is interdisciplinary project: 3d design and printing, manual assembly and design of driver boxes, symmetrical signal and power distribution, mechanical assembly and mounting, power installation adaptation
carefully hand crafted