22.02.2020 – gogolino 2 – cntrlr

finished and tested controller
extensive gtesting

The goal was to construct pedal controller, wich will sense condition of „sustain” pedal and send its state to MAXMSP over long, about 10m cable. It was intended to use in Live Electronics performance, in which:
1.composer with computer (MAX MSP sound processor) sits among the audience
2.performer on stage plays instrument and controls its instrument sound processing in MAXMSP by switching the pedal – connected with composer’s computer over long cable.
Project evolved into 8 input (all pedal types: sustain, switch, expression) device with control lights, which can be controlled from MAXMSP – to communicate with musicians on stage eg. tempo click etc.
It communicates in two directions – composer <> performer

Next stage was implement MIDI standard, and set device as USBMIDI class device – which allows to use it as generic MIDI controller connected via USB to computer, so it can be used with any DAW or VST plugin – it triggers noteON and OFF and sends CC.

LED control lights are also buttons which mimic use of pedals, that allows to use device without any pedals or switches connected to it.
It can also be programmed to receive noteON and OFF to control any of built in 8 LEDs. Red button in the middle triggers PANIC, allNoteOFF, allControlerReset.

MAX MSP bidirectional communication over MIDI standard
as USB-MID class device Gogolino 2 can be used with any DAW, VST software
lights testing
finished and tested
working with hardware debouncing – finaly soft debounce was implemented
placing buttons and JACK sockets
long USB repeater cable extending socket holder pocket
designed and 3D printed in semitransparent PET-G,
durable and fully recyclable material
Gogolino 2 is based on Arduino Leonardo