10.02.2017 – „rondo” – live

time-coordinated, harmonically precomposed
space of repetitive improvisation for the ensemble
instrumental ensemble consisting of:

  • transverse flute
  • English horn
  • bass clarinet
  • soprano saxophone
  • guitar
  • violin
  • viola
  • cello
  • contrabass
  • circular modulator

From Birth to Death in a Human World


„The emotion that is the root of rebirth in the human world is envy. When we are possessed by jealousy, we want to hold and attract to ourselves what we possess – an idea, a thing, a relationship. We see the source of happiness in something external, which leads to an attachment to the object of our desire. Jealousy is related to the heart center. The antidote to it is the great openness that comes when we connect with our true nature.

It is easy to observe the suffering of one’s own world. We experience birth, illness, old age and death. Because of constant change, we are constantly plagued by a sense of loss. Once we acquire an object of desire, we struggle to keep it with us, but it is certain that we will eventually lose it anyway. Instead of enjoying the happiness of others, we often fall prey to envy and jealousy. Although human rebirth is considered most precious, because beings residing in the world of humans have the chance to hear and practice the Buddha’s teachings, only a small handful of us find the Buddhist path and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.”

>>> Tenzin Wangyal Rinpocze, The Tibetan Yogas Of Dream And Sleep, 

Poznań (Rebis) 1999

p. graphic consists of 3 layers of information:

  1. time frame / repetition map (loop) /.
    the succession of circuits (circles) from 1 to 8 (the progress of the piece)

2. harmonic frame – recommended notes 
(run nr 4: g1 d2 g2 a2 c3;  nr 5: G d a c1)
(package: emotion >> texture of sound (from despair to fear to hardening) + dynamics (here „p”)

3. graphics superimposed on the timeline – individually for each instrument defines the zones of sound and silence. The shape, thickness and expression of the lines and graphic marks, is intended to provide the musician with a subliminal message of extra-musical content to be contained in the sound/motion of the air it emits.


r.m. process the sound of the English cornet (fix at the outlet of the voice spell of the cornet a microphone, e.g. Shure BETA 98H-C – through the mixer process with a circular modulator, e.g. Moog MF-102, amplify in the audience) only in the last part – amorphous. Gradually replace the original sound with the processed one (arbitrarily but sensitively adjust the FREQUENCY of the MODULATOR and the RATE of the LFO on the sine – for a singing effect, taken over with delight and horror)

  • From 0% to 4seconds after circuit 8
  • up to 100% in the 12th second after the passage of circuit 8
  • the song ends mf to f cone at 100% processed by r.m.